How Taxi Lineup works

Get almost anything delivered in 1 hour or
3 hours
within Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Newcastle metropolitan areas!


Download Taxi Lineup on smartphones

Download the Taxi Lineup app from
Google Play or the App Store to your
smartphone or use our booking form on your computer.

Instant Registration

Open the app or website and register then confirm your details via the email link.

Instant Booking

You’re ready to go!

Track your Booking

Carefully label your parcel/package/envelope/box (check size and weight limits, and banned goods under Terms & Conditions)

Discuss with courier

Open the app or website, enter your log-in and password, and complete the booking details.

Track your delivery

Monitor the acceptance of your booking and track the location of the taxi.

Secured express parcel payment

Credit card payment will be transacted upon signed receipt of delivery.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy days!

The fastest couriers in Australia,
your local taxis!

Taxi Lineup is the first service using your local taxis as couriers!
They can deliver your parcels within your metropolitan area faster than anyone as they are using the bus lanes.
Our fast taxis (couriers) are the fastest to deliver your packages (documents, contracts, flowers, wines, gifts, samples, printing materials, etc.) across the city, and can deliver anytime of day or night, any day of the year (including weekends and public holidays).



If you’re a licensed taxi driver,
it’s easy to work with us!

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Fast Parcel Delivery Australia

The fastest and easiest way for an individual
or a business to deliver almost anything
from one point to another.

Fast Courier Australia

Book your delivery from
your smartphone, computer or
tablet within a few clicks!

1-Hour Fast Express Parcel

Same day delivery from $18,
3-hour delivery from $25 and
1-hour delivery from just $44 (inc. GST)!
(for first 10km)

Fast Delivery Service Australia

Our taxi partners can deliver anything,
as long as it’s legal,
not heavier than 16 kg
or bigger than 100x75x75cm!

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